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Our product portfolio is the after-effect of our broad experience of the building and computerization division, incorporating long haul associations with clients. It depends on a solid duty to innovative work, and additionally vast norms, and addresses both client’s business and innovation request .


repair plc fffff FS_BeltScale engine cursher operation panel 333333333 AMS CP T21 2685-0001 2686-0043 2686-9008 2 2686-9011 2686-9025 2686-9029 2686-9038 3333 AMS RL B 23 /24 AMS FU34 AMS CTS 30 RELAY CELL AMS LOAD SUPPRESSOR AMS EM RELAY HEAVY DUTY RELAY AMS STORE NO 12 FEEDER SPEED CONTROLLER 2683-2107 2 2683-2106 2683-2101 2666-0002 2550-9075 2370-9070 2370-9066 assy 2370-9056 2370-9051